Pepper Spray:Streetwise 23 Pepper Foam 3oz PEPPERFOAM, FLIP TOP

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This 3 oz. Streetwise 23 pepper foam has a very unique safety mechanism. The top flips up and with a push of your finger, the foam is released. This safety lock makes it impossible for the pepper foam to go off when not in use. The foam, instead of spray, makes it easier to hit your attacker and decreases blowback so only those who have been sprayed will be affected. With UV marking dye. 

Streetwise 23 Pepper Foam has a CHR of over 230,000 SHU (1.47% Total Capsaicinoids) making it one of the hottest, most effective self-defense sprays on the market. For comparison, the independent laboratory tested competing brands. They found the average heat rating to be 123,000 SHU, making Streetwise 23 over 87% hotter than the competition!