NEVER MIND THE DOG BEWARE OF OWNER'S GUN sign 9"x12" Red White Weather Resistant

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Never Mind the Dog Beware of Owner's Gun warning sign

 If you have a dog that bites, a warning sign is a must.  Even if you don't have a dog (or a gun), this sign will make the bad guys think twice before entering your house or yard. 

 Who in their right mind would want any thief to think there ARE NO GUNS IN YOUR HOUSE.  Even the most avid anit-gun activist would not want that to be common knowledge making their home an easy target for armed invasion. 

 Put this sign on your door, on your back yard gate or display it in a window where it is sure to be seen.  This is a simple, inexpensive deterrent against criminal intrusion.  Measures 9" x 12" with red lettering for high visibility. Not for use in intense direct sunlight.