Mini Escape Smoke, Gas Mask Provides 5+ minutes Clean Air, 1 Size Fits All

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Mini Emergency Escape Gas Mask

Color is Blue, not white. 

The motto of the Boy Scouts to "Be Prepared" could not be more meaningful than it is today.  In a world where the need to escape a dangerous situation can strike without warning, you definitely need to have protection for yourself and your family.  You and your loved ones can immediately use this MINI emergency mask to help you breath clean filtered air in case a fire breaks out, chemicals are spilled or even if a terrorist were to attack and create a hazardous air pollution situation.  Places for such events may include homes, subways, department stores, large buildings, hotels, schools, kindergartens (one size fits children and adults), train stations, airports, bus terminals, sports arenas, concert halls, factories and underground construction sites. This emergency aid should be kept readily available and accessible wherever inhalation of smoke or chemicals could cause respiratory emergencies that might result in unconsciousness, lung damage or even death.  This device will give you up to five minutes of clean, breathable air so you can escape to a safe location. The MINI gas mask has been lab tested to ensure guaranteed protection against Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Chloride, Sulfur Dioxide and Ammonia.  The MINI is the world's-smallest portable gas mask. It is an emergency escape device which you can easily and discreetly carry with you anywhere. You can quickly use the device to escape most forms of air pollution danger.  There is no need to lug a full size gas mask around, have to pull it over your head and take the time to attach straps to hold it in place.  The MINI is easy to use by simply pressing the soft silicone nose pieces to your nostrils or putting it directly into your mouth for hands-free use and breathing through the two holes on the end.