Car Alarm Auto Warning Sticker 2 pack - Silent Alarm, GPS Tracking Anti Theft

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Apply these stickers to the side windows of your car and a would be thief will be convinced that you have a professionally installed car alarm and will probably go looking for an easier target. The stickers say Silent Alarm and GPS tracking to make them think the car will be tracked by satellite assuring capture if they were to steal it. Even if they break a window or pry the door open (although no alarm sounds) they will still be convinced to think twice because it says "Silent Alarm" The stickers are easily applied by wetting the window with water and pressing the sticker in place. They go on the inside of the window and will be protected from the weather. 

  • Auto Warning Stickers
  • Set of Two
  • Warn thieves to find an easier target
  • Easy application with plain water
  • 2" wide by about 1" tall