AAA Battery Blinking Flashing LED Light Car Auto Fake Alarm + 2 Warning Stickers

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Thieves are looking for easy targets with a low risk of getting caught.  This flashing LED will make them think your car has an expensive "Silent" alarm system and GPS tracking device.  They will obviously move on to an easier target.  There is no need to do any wiring or patch into your car's electrical system.  The flasher is powered by 2 AAA batteries (not included).  It has an on-off switch so you only need to activate it when needed.  LED's use very little energy.   If left turned on, the batteries will flash the LED for weeks.  If you turn it off when it is not needed they will continue to provide a credible warning for many months.  The LED is attached to the battery pack with 10" of wire so it can easily be hidden away in your glove box, under your dash mat, center console or in some other cubby.  Dangle the LED so that it is visible to anyone looking in from either side of the car.  It is very bright at night and easily seen.

Available with Red, Blue, Green, Amber, White, Rainbow*, Red Slow Flash, Blue Slow Flash and Red/Blue Flashing LED.

NEW Red Slow Flash and Blue Slow Flash: flashes once per second. 60 times per minute.

The standard single color versions flash about 90 times per minute.

*The Rainbow color changes from Red - Blue - Green and also changes flash rate from slow to fast and back again.  (It almost makes it look like an indicator light for a GPS system that is transmitting a signal up to a tracking satellite)

The Red/Blue flashes alternately like a police car flasher.  Red-Blue-Red-Blue etc.

(Batteries are not included)