30,000,000 Adjustable Stun Baton Flashlight - Streetwise - Attitude Adjuster

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The next time a bad guy approaches you with the intent of doing some harm you can quickly “redirect” him with the Streetwise Attitude Adjuster 30,000,000* Stun Baton. This baton starts at 16.5" long and quickly adjusts to 19" with just a quick twist of the handle. With military grade aluminum construction, this baton is nearly indestructible and when extended to 19" you will be far enough from your attacker to make contact but remain at a safe distance. It also features an ultra-bright tactical flashlight and powerful stun gun so you will be prepared for any situation you may face.


  • Adjusts from 16.5" to 19"
  • Long Life Bulb
  • Long Reach
  • Rechargeable
  • Safety Features
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Holster
  • Lifetime Warranty