10 pk Police Single Use Quick Hand Cuff Restraint Durable Unbreakable Nylon Cord

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Although designed for police and security professionals, the compact size and low cost of the Police Force Single Use Quick Cuffs makes it easy for civilians to keep with them to restrain an attacker who has been immobilized by either a stun gun or pepper spray. Unlike traditional single-use plastic cuffs, you do not need to be concerned about the cuffs cutting into the suspect's wrists. The cord forms two loops and will restrain an individual with just one simple move. It can also secure a suspect to the rail of a stretcher in an ambulance for safer transportation to the hospital.


  • Impossible to pull apart or bite through.
  • A cutting tool is required to remove.
  • Single-use cuffs allow the suspect to remain cuffed during the entire booking process and the arresting officer does not need to worry about getting his cuffs back.
  • Several can be discreetly carried without any discomfort or excess weight.
  • Ideal for undercover operations and for restraining multiple suspects.
  • Disposable cuffs which can be easily carried and concealed. The material is unaffected by hot and cold weather. Caution: once these are applied, they cannot be loosened and have to be cut to release the suspect.