Pepper Spray: Cheetah Pepper Spray

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Cheetah Pepper Spray - Purple/Pink/Pink Bling/


  • Purple
  • Purple Bling
  • Pink
  • Pink Bling
  • Red Snake
  • Silver Zebra

The Cheetah 1/2 Oz Pepper Spray is a self defense spray that repels attackers instantly! It will come with a key chain so you can keep the pepper spray with you at all times! Cheetah Pepper Spray is non flammable and shoots up to 12 feet! Pepper spray is an effective and non lethal weapon to protect yourself. The effects of pepper spray are instantaneous and has UV Dye easily identifying the assailants. Cheetah Pepper Spray 1/2 Oz Key Chain is made is the United States of America and is Law Enforcement strength.