Talking Motion Detect Sensor Alarm Door Bell + Remote, Plays your MP3 or WAV

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This product uses advanced micro-computer technology to provide automatic motion detector sensing. It detects infrared thermal changes (motion) The sensor can be used both day and night. It can be used as an infrared alarm, doorbell or to play your own welcome guest message / music / announcement player.  Great for in store automated "point of sale" product promotion advertising. You can load your own MP3 or WAV sound files via micro usb cable (up to 3.47 Mb) Use the remote to raise or lower the volume and select the sound file you want to play when motion is detected. Example: "Don't miss the super sale on toothpaste.  Today only.  Aisle 4!" Press the remote button to step through the files in memory (a sample is played) Stop when you hear the sample of the one you want to play. That is the one that will be used when motion is detected. Or press the alarm button to set the detector to sound a loud 30 second alarm. (resets after 30 seconds). An audible beep is played when the unit is deactivated.

Package List:

1*Motion Detection Alarm / Announcement / Doorbell

1*Remote Control with battery

2*Mounting Screws and 3M Doubled sided glue pad

1*User Manual