Solar+ Battery Power Magnetic + Vibration Trigger Window + Door Security 130db Alarm

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Feature packed wireless window and door alarm - specifications:
1. Solar Panel prolongs battery life standby time.
2. Alarm sounds when vibration is detected or magnetic sensor strip is separated.
3. Alarm sound is very loud, 130db.
4. No tools required installation.
5. Keypad sets alarm, disarm, personal pin, vibrate on/off.
6. Sounds for 30 seconds and then resets itself.
This is a Solar powered alarm that detects magnet strip separation AND vibration of the protected door or window. (vibration detection can be turned on or off)
When the magnet sensor is separated or there's any vibration, it will trigger the alarm.
It is energy saving ,eco-friendly, easy installation.
You can install it on windows, doors, cash register drawers or merchandise show cases, tool boxes, more
Solar Panel provides power so battery backup lasts up to 2 years. It can use in-direct sunlight or even home illumination lights.
Ultra-loud 130dB alarm sound.
Programmable 4-digit security code. Can use magnetic contact function only (vibration detection can be turned on or off)
Exit delay 30 seconds, entry delay 5 seconds. Auto reset alarm function: after 30 seconds the alarm will stop.
It rearms when the door or window is again closed.
Power Supply: Solar power and 3 AAA size alkaline batteries (not included) (normal room lighting is enough to power the solar panel on top of the alarm)
Low battery indicator. Low power consumption design, standby current 20μA.
Mount on door or window frame. DIY installation in a few seconds. 3M double sided mounting tape included.